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Michael Beckwith A344621
Michael Beckwith

Hello, Thank you all who took time out to read my profile. My name is Michael Beckwith. I enjoy reading,...

Benjamin White 148359
Benjamin White

I am seeking positive communication with someone for personal development, social awareness and friendship.

Jalen Morgan 02281004
keon moore 73629-018
keon moore

Want someone to talk to while I am incarcerated as I am doing years. Looking for a female to get...

James  Montgomery  Y18299
James Montgomery

Hi my name is James but my friends call me Jd, I’m 38 years old. Born and raised in Florida...

Montrell  Smith 261720
Montrell Smith


Jacob Palacios 2099867
Jacob Palacios

Hello World

Jose Martinez 177157
Jose Martinez

Hello to all the women in the world. My name is Jose, I'm from Zacatecas, Mexico and I am looking...

Robert Rideaux 01368382
Robert Rideaux

Hello everyone! I am Robert, thanks for stopping here and taking time to read my profile. I enjoy drawing. I...

Jaccari Jones 02179793
Jaccari Jones

Hey my name is Jaccari. I'm looking to meet new people for friendship and relationship. Write me!

Nang Sam Ak3130
Nang Sam

Hi, my name is Sam, I am 5'4 -165 pounds. I am an individual that is understanding, caring, and spontaneous....

Jonah  Broussard  02334886
Jonah Broussard

I’m looking for a nice lady for my son He loves cooking and also working out He is very fit

Alejandro  Nunez Armstrong  39205
Alejandro Nunez Armstrong

Hey my name is Alejandro I’m 20 years old and trying something spontaneous and with you reading this I feel...

Juan Angel Mexicano 64694-298
Juan Angel Mexicano

Hello, My name is Juan Mexicano, thank you for looking and giving us inmates hope. I 'am looking for friends...

Samuel  Martinez  43291
Samuel Martinez

Looking for a lady that’s gonna ride this ride with me!!!!

Eric  Spencer 1000129616
Eric Spencer

Eric Spencer 32 6-12-1989 2 lil girls Erin and khloe been down 5 yrs off his 10

David Jackson 02237623
David Jackson

Objective: Find compatible corresponding female friend with the potential to grow to something special and everlasting... A growing relationship filled...

Richard Aguilar 02331872
Richard Aguilar

Elevation, prosperity, loyalty, positiveness, open-mindedness, self-respect and respect, truthful and trustworthy, all in application of your character is what I'm...

Jamie Walker 02079768
Jamie Walker

Greetings, my name is Jamie. I'm mixed African-American and Cuban. I'm from a small East Texas town. Love the outdoors:...

Joshua  Welliver 17884046
Joshua Welliver

My name is Josh, I'm 34 years old and I'm looking for people to write. It's very lonely in here...

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