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Kenneth Ledford 21A0322
Kenneth Ledford

Hi How you doing ladies. My name is Kenny. I am 37 years old. Looking forward to meeting you. Currently...

Steven Freudenrich 860441
Steven Freudenrich

Hello. My name is Steven. I am a divorced white male. By profession, I am a welder and truck driver....

Karl Bartleson 21784032
Karl Bartleson

Looking to meet good people I can possibly build a lifelong relationship with text me at 202-677-77228. Have a Blessed...

Andy Chavez 714035
Andy Chavez

Hey, my name is Andy. I been incarcerated since I was 15, I am now 31 years of age and...

Waylon Harris 1174750
Waylon Harris

Hello…don’t be quick to judge. Yes, I’m incarcerated, but not looking to be carried. I’m looking for conversation, a sweet...

Ivan Ayers 300901
Ivan Ayers

Hello My name is Ivan Ayers, first I would like to thank you for taking the time to scroll through...

Sage Austin 1785217
Sage Austin

Hi My name is Sage. I am 26, and a LEO, 6' 1" Hazel eyes and most my body is...

Devin Howe 0122159
Devin Howe

Hi I'm Devin Howe. I'd really like to hear from you ! And get to know you . I would...

Randall Curry 139617
Randall Curry

Hello my name is Randall. I am a Gay male seeking friendship please email me at

Derrick Maynard 6433723
Derrick Maynard

My name is Derrick, and I'm 38 years old, a Pisces. I have two daughters, ages 12 and 4. I'm...

Jeffrey Berns 26191075
Jeffrey Berns

Hello, are you lonely? Are you looking to meet someone adventurous, fun, loving, caring and who wants to have a...

Bryan Dudley 780723D
Bryan Dudley

Hello world! My name is Bryant Dudley. I'm 39 years old and single. I am an ECU kitchen worker cooking...

Antonio Jason Bowen 264379E
Antonio Jason Bowen

Hello, It's a pleasure to connect with you at this very time. If you're reading this right now, then I...

Eric Martinez 02128043
Eric Martinez

Hello All, I'm looking for conversation. I'm a maintenance technician in prison. It would be nice to chat with someone,...

Bryan Beal B87106
Bryan Beal

Hi there! I'm Bryan. I am hoping to meet some new people from all over. I am originally from a...

Jessica Curry 22671032 --- A4
Jessica Curry

Hey my names Jessica and ppl tell me I’m outgoing, hilarious, & beautiful inside and out! I’m looking for someone...

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