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John  Mccullah 03040-063
John Mccullah

My name is John McCullah. I’ve been away for 30 years serving a life sentence. Looking for companionship, friendship and...

Christopher Early 416-275
Christopher Early

Hello, Today when I woke up I did not just feel alone, but I felt loneliness. I'm thinking that maybe...

Nathan Neighbors 01435598
Nathan Neighbors

I am a successful smart man looking for friends.

Jefferson Jarvis 01658746
Jefferson Jarvis

There comes a point in time where most prisoners develop an irresistible urge to reach out into society and see...

James Williams 02334849
James Williams

Blessin From Heaven - I speak the truth into a woman's brain and travel through her veins to her heart...

Paul Anthony DeLaRosa 01169597
Paul Anthony DeLaRosa

Hi, I'm Paul Anthony and I'm looking for someone special. I was born and raised in San Antonio,tx. Where the...

Dewayne Boyer 1313537
Dewayne Boyer

My name is dewayne, my nickname is D.J. I’m on my way home soon, looking for someone to keep me...

April West   21335074
April West

Perfection has a darker side. I'm Daddy's lil monster. 5'7", 160 pounds, hazel eyes, my hair is blonde/red/dark brown. I...

Pedro Flores 02067913
Pedro Flores

Hey everybody! I'm Pedro (vote for Pedro) and I'm looking to meet some new friends that I could correspond with....

Daylon  Pierce  155792
Daylon Pierce

Hello, I'm looking for a friend, someone who is capable of showing human kindness and helping me get through this...

Lorenzo Washington 01740373
Lorenzo Washington

Hi. Thanks for noticing and viewing my profile. Do you believe everyone's worthy of compassion? I do, but that doesn't...

ShonQuez Robinson 1422351
ShonQuez Robinson

I’m an author, and entrepreneur looking to fulfill an emptiness behind this wall. Im looking for loyalty and complete honesty....

Trevor Lunney 459570
Trevor Lunney

Hey, I'm Trevor. Arrested for threats because I'm a lil grumpy butt sometimes. I grew up in Alaska, as a...

Charles Roberts A417869
Charles Roberts

I’m 37 standing at 6 feet even 220 lbs mixed with black and Puerto Rican light brown eyes I’m a...

Michael Marsh 00A0466
Michael Marsh

I've been waiting for you, what took you so long baby? Look, get the JPAY set up and send me...

Ricardo Baquera 02078195
Ricardo Baquera

Hi, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by my profile. Now let's see if I could convince you...

Gabriel Sanchez 01534255
Gabriel Sanchez

I really hope you don't mind me dragging you away from your world for a minute and sitting you down...

Rudy Martinez AL7959
Rudy Martinez

ATTENTION: RUDY HAS NOT RECEIVED ANY MAIL, PLEASE WRITE HIM! Hi friends, this is our brother Rudy, we all like...

Dailyn Glover AF-1918
Dailyn Glover

Hello, My name is Dailyn and I am so grateful that you are taking sometime out of your day to...

Valentino Juarez 02189838
Valentino Juarez

Hello. My name is Valentino. For Starters please forgive my crazy picture of myself (lol) This picture Was taken 3...

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