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John Steiner 245917
John Steiner

Hi, I am an artist and a music nut. I'd like to find someone I can share my art with,...

Jonathan Chapa 47802480
Jonathan Chapa

Hello! My name is Jonathan, everyone calls me by my last name Chapa... I enjoy reading, I love the outdoors...

Justino Maya 1415904
Justino Maya

Hi I’m Justino looking to meet someone to make a connection and talk about anything and everything. I like to...

Ganesh Bharrat 336147
Ganesh Bharrat

Hi my name is Ganesh Bharrat, I'm 42yrs of age, 5'3",150 Lbs. I was born and raised in Guyana, I...

Christopher McIlheran 1154315
Christopher McIlheran

Hi I’m Chris and I’m looking for people to talk to to help my day go by a little faster...

Logan Lawrence 29463078
Logan Lawrence

Hey everyone!!!!!! My name is Logan Lawrence I'm 33 years old I'm from Amarillo tx...i love to laugh and make...

Jessica Scarberry 17036-028
Jessica Scarberry

Hello Guys and Ladies. I'm currently in the "SHU" 24 hour lockdown so the only way to contact me is...

Michael Johnson M30909
Michael Johnson

Hello my name is Michael, I'm 33 years old, I'm 6'1" and 220 pounds, brown eyes with brushed waves. I...

Jason Stomps 382459
Jason Stomps

Hi friends, I am in prison for crimes I did not commit. I am still fighting my case. Everyone I...

James Hughes S14248
James Hughes

Hello, I'm 6ft, 200 lbs. and I'm looking for friendship with a lady who's 45 to 60 years of age....

Ryonelle Austin 191372
Ryonelle Austin

Hello beautiful ladies , Thank you for taking a second of interest in me, First and foremost my name is...

Tyler Vance 1269309
Tyler Vance

Hi my name is Tyler vance. I’ve been in here since 2022. I’ll be in prison until I’m about 77...

Alex Payne 321701
Alex Payne

My name is Alex. I am 33 years old, a tall loveable man. Just a good person stuck in a...

Ricky Crist 220265
Ricky Crist

Hey this is for my brother Ricky he's a great man and he's one of the realest mother fuckers I've...

Santiago Espinal-Orduna 02401853
Santiago Espinal-Orduna

Hello, my name is Santiago. I am currently locked up in Luther Unit in Navasota, TX and even under this...

Ternorris Duncan 01808872
Ternorris Duncan

Hey Beautiful, I'm Tenorris, but my friends all call me Nino. I'm the one that's going to put a smile...

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