Dedicated to creating meaningful, lasting friendships between the incarcerated and people like you.

Travis Taylor P02365
Travis Taylor

Hello. My name is Travis Taylor. I was born in Oregon but lived in Sacrament , CA all my life...

Russell Dodson 1466026
Russell Dodson

Hello people! My name is Russell but people call me Lee. Before I got locked up I was doing tree...

Patrick  Paasch 336449
Patrick Paasch

47 yrs old 6'1 218lbs green eyes like sports and im athletic, animal lover and have a great sense of...

Sevin O'Bryant AY4290
Sevin O'Bryant

I am from San Diego, CA but I am originally from Augusta, GA. So I am a huge Georgia Bulldogs...

Melinda Sandoval 3633
Melinda Sandoval

Been in and out of incarnation. Has three boys. Still legally married but wants nothing to do with baby daddy....

David Carter 01686080
David Carter

My name is David Ray and I'm looking to meet new people for friendship and correspondence. It could lead to...

Gene Washington 1193374
Gene Washington

From Jamacia Refugee, Father of Two... "Yo, what's happening ladies, it's the man Gene or called Gambino; I love thick-any...

Dustin Hewlett 02277037
Dustin Hewlett

Hello, hope all is well as your reading these words of mine. Walls between worlds force me to write this....

Michael Blasingame 40410
Michael Blasingame

I’m 36 and looking for pen pals and maybe more. I love adventures, outdoors and anything fun. If you’re looking...

Xavier Harvey Salinas 01888504
Xavier Harvey Salinas

HOW YOU DOING? This is Xavier, and I would like to start up a nice friendly correspondence with you! Whether...

Geral Vittini  W115447
Geral Vittini

Hey only got 7 months left! Looking for a friend!

Merlin James 01665011
Merlin James

I've learned that the first presentation of a person is only a glass half full, and that time will tell...

TaDonna Menifield WF6219
TaDonna Menifield

Hello, I'm TaDonna and I am interested in making new friends through correspondence. My hobbies are dancing, crocheting, and exercising....

Devante Sims 02101525
Devante Sims

To be honest, I've never done this type of thing before, but I'd have high hopes of meeting someone who's...

Damon Isabel 01707333
Damon Isabel

Beautiful people, I don't know where to start my introduction so I'm just going to do my best. My name...

Help Prisoners Adjust to Society After Release.

Prison pen pals do much more than making the occasional connection with incarcerated individuals. At Friends 4 Prisoners, we are dedicated to creating meaningful, lasting friendships between the incarcerated and people like you. When you sign up to be one of our pen pals for inmates, you genuinely make a difference in the lives of inmates around the world.

Write Letters to Prisoners: Change the Future for an Inmate One Note at a Time

What is Friends 4 Prisoners? We pair inmates looking for a pen pal with non-incarcerated individuals who want to make a difference in someone else’s life. When you get involved with our mission, you become more than a pen pal. You become an inspiration to incarcerated individuals who are looking for a second chance at life.

When you sign up to be connected with our inmate penpals online, you have the chance to be a:

  • Mentor
  • Legal Aid
  • Educational Resource
  • Counselor
  • Employer Upon Release
  • Housing Assistant
  • So Much More!

How Does the Pen Pals for Inmates Process Work?

We help individuals on both sides of the relationship get connected with their perfect pen pal.

Sign Up an Inmate

Is your loved one currently incarcerated? Prison is a lonely and desolate place for anyone, even those with supportive family members who visit often. Helping your loved one create an inmate pen pal profile can significantly improve their quality of life.

When you sign up an inmate looking for a pen pal, we’ll help you create an online profile that connects them with individuals all over the world. Receiving mail, making new friends, learning about other cultures, and connecting with mentors give your loved one something to look forward to while incarcerated. Give the gift of access to life beyond the confined fences of prison by listing your loved one as an inmate pen pal online today. Create a Pen Pal Profile

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If you are looking for a meaningful task that allows you to inspire others to reach their full potential, consider signing up to write letters to prisoners through our service. We have designed our database and search engine to make connecting you with an inmate easy and seamless.

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