Johnny Saenz 6520356
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Johnny Saenz #6520356
P.O. Box 316
Ft. Madison, IA 52627

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Johnny Saenz's Introduction

Hello there =) I'm glad you found me. I'm looking to meet some new friends. Different "types" of friends, from different places. As you can imagine it can be extremely boring. I just want to trade my laughs, smiles and moral support. I like to workout, poetry, all kinds of music, fishing, bowling, traveling and hopefully one day help rescue abused animals. I like theme parks. I love conversation with substance. I like to think I have culture, but could always use more. I also like tattoos and motorcycles. I'm a bit of a geek as well. I've been told I'm funny and make for good company. I'm not really into labels and all are welcome, but I would like to meet a T=Girl or T=Woman. Fun fact about me, I have a split tongue. I hope I piqued your interest enough to reach out. Until then. Good vibes.

Personal data

  • Date of birth: 1981-09-03
  • Marital status: single
  • Ethnicity: mixed
  • Sexual orientation: bisexual
  • Gender: male
  • Hometown: Lubbock
  • Profile Active Until: Jul 19, 2022