Kimar Fraser 379979
Mailing address

Kimar Fraser #379979
Garner CI
50 Nunnawauk Road
Newtown, CT 06470

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Kimar Fraser's Introduction

Hi Stranger, what's your name? My name's Kimar, I'm 29 years old and I'm excited to get to know my new bestfriend. I've been locked-up for 3 out of 5 year sentence and I never thought I'd be interested in starting a pen-friend profile but seeing that I'll be going home soon, I figured I'd give myself a different perspective on life, especially because I don't plan on coming back to prison so this might be my only chance to correspond with a pen-friend. Before I got arrested I was living a dangerous fast-paced life-style but I've gratefully managed to allow this humbling experience to make me a better man today. That's basically why I'm here looking for good vibes and a good friend. I'm optimistic about starting a new friendship because I'm very supportive, fun, with a good sense of humor and I have so much to offer mentally and intellectually and I'm sure you do too. I believe we're going to make great friends. My hobbies are reading books, learning, working out, music, and sports. If I'm not doing any of those things then I'm most likely trying to help another fellow prisoner better himself too but hopefully I can add writing letters to my new best friend to my hobby list. All you have to do is take the first step then I'll take every other step with you...

Personal data

  • Date of birth: 1992-04-08
  • Marital status: single
  • Ethnicity: mixed
  • Sexual orientation: heterosexual
  • Gender: male
  • Hometown: Mt. Vernon, New York
  • Profile Active Until: Aug 27, 2022