Ozzie Mannwright A700500
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Ozzie Mannwright #A700500
Lebanon correctional
3791 OH-63
Lebanon, OH 45036

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Ozzie Mannwright's Introduction

Thank you for visiting my page! I am a free spirited person believes that life is a gift to be lived in Love. Too me,Love is all that is good and harmonious in life. I am a budding but devoted student of life and Love. I joined this site because I have a lot of Love to give, and the more I give it ,the more life teaches me the lessons and light of Love. Through this ad I hope to meet new people through which I will have more opportunity to share this gift that life has so gracefully given me. I have no agenda other then to Love. I am an open book to anyone interested enough to want to read me. I am a talented barber,tattoo artists, writer,and motivational speaker. I am currently in the process of finishing my first book called the Making of a Criminal. It is a story about my life and the effects of trauma and incarceration and my journey to self discovery. Through my book I hope to raise and mature the world social consciousness to the complicated plight of the criminal element,and to the dire need for justice and penal reforms that help to restore,instead of destroy,ones sense of humanity and citizenship. Excerpts from my book can be heard on prison radio.org under the name Ozzie Mannwright. Pictures of some of my tattoos and hair cuts can be viewed at my Instagram under the name Ozzie Manton.If you would like to contact me then do so via jpay.com and type in my number A700500 and leave me a message. I look forward to hearing from you. PEACE AND LOVE! Willing to correspond to people outside of the united states.

Personal data

  • Date of birth: 1981-09-27
  • Marital status: single
  • Ethnicity: mixed
  • Sexual orientation: heterosexual
  • Gender: male
  • Hometown: Akron
  • Profile Active Until: Mar 13, 2024