Trevor Lunney 459570
Mailing address

Trevor Lunney #459570
Asotin County Jail
838 5th St
Clarkston, WA 99403

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Trevor Lunney's Introduction

Hey, I'm Trevor. Arrested for threats because I'm a lil grumpy butt sometimes. I grew up in Alaska, as a kid I toured a week in France and fell in love with traveling. At 16 I spent a year in Hawaii, worked for a pet grooming business that I ran while the owner went through a messy divorce. At 18 I moved to Las Vegas. Spent a year between The Strip and UNLV and a year in Henderson. Worked for hypnotist Marc Savard before he got his show at Planet Hollywood. As his audio/lighting tech and stage performer, I got to tour all over Canada and see Niagara Falls, Chicago, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, etc. After 11 jobs in my teens and 20s, I spent 2 more years in Vegas when I was 31-32. But I am mostly in the LC Valley here in Clarkston, WA. Love to travel, road trips and go camping so much! Studied psychology and film in college before dropping out for financial reasons. I love philosophy and consider myself a rather hardcore Absurdist. Nicholas Cage is my spirit animal. I'm demi, pan and poly. I have a fantastic fiancé in prison and two amazing girlfriends. We all plan to get a house together in a few years and start a giant family. They are all pan/poly and open to new team players who can share. I have Asperger's, or as I call it, "a touch of tism". Into criminal law, love movies, casually into manga, anime and comics. I like weeby dorks, anyone who UwUs at me already has half my affection immediately, haha. INFJ Personality type, known as The Advocate. My girlfriends say I cure their daddy issues with my intense, paternalistic energy. They are 18, 23 and 39. I have an wicked weakness for women in the medical or law enforcement field. I'm weak for women in authority perhaps, my own mommy issues to be honest. I want to flip properties and eventually save up for a ranch/farm and start a 501-(c)(3) nonprofit for inmate outreach, legal resources and substance abuse rehabilitation for people who can't afford it. I can also be emailed on Visitel.us under Trevor John Lunney, 459570, Asotin County Jail. I have a $9,300 debt on my commissary, so please never under any circumstances put money on my books. I am on disability for being a crazy person (schizoaffective) and can afford my own phone time. Not looking for a provider, we can't even get books from Amazon. No need for a sugar daddy/momma. I just want new friends, maybe more if we click like that, to write on my 13hrs a day awake in my cell. Disclosure: I drink and say spooky things when isolated and feeling hopeless, and that gets me arrested for threats to no one specific, but this is a small county and negligence and incompetence is more damaging than actual corruption would be. I'm not a bad person, just SUPER edgy when I drink alone. Working on healing so I stop using alcohol as an emotional crutch to numb out pain and loneliness. Three women all agree I'm a madman and still refuse to leave my side, so I do have redeeming qualities. Mostly, I'm funny, intelligent and a hopeless romantic. I call a girlfriend daily to tell her I love her, email our other girlfriend and write my fiancé love letters every single day. I am very intense about my loyalty to the people I come to love and that love is limitless and burns too bright for most. Looking to talk to any gender, or age. Open to friendship or more if we click and things progress there. Thanks for taking the time to read my bio.

Personal data

  • Date of birth: 1985-11-21
  • Marital status: single
  • Ethnicity: caucasian
  • Sexual orientation: heterosexual
  • Gender: male
  • Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Profile Active Until: Sep 14, 2023