Isaiah Sweet 6859998
Mailing address

Isaiah Sweet #6859998
Iowa State Penitentiary - 1110
P.O. Box 96777
Las Vegas , NV 89193

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Isaiah Sweet's Introduction

Hey, my name is Isaiah. I'm looking for people to have a positive connection with and build lasting friendships. I have a passion for helping others. I've made some mistakes in my life when I was younger and now I try to do all I can to better myself and those around me because I feel like that's what I'm meant to do to make up for those mistakes. I really like education, I've held a position as a tutor and also spoken to large groups of educators around the the state about helping their students. Now I work as a peer advisor in a program I helped create and I try to work with guys in here to give them life skills and other tools to succeed. I also love sports and exercising. Crossfit is my thing, and I also play a lot of basketball and soccer when I can. I try to help people in here with their fitness as well. I really enjoy music too, everything from listening to it, writing, and producing it. I also love to read, that's something I never get tired of. I'm hoping to find people to talk to about any and everything, people I can learn from and hopefully you can learn from me as well, I just want to be a lift in whoever's life I'm in. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hopefully I hear from you soon. The fastest way to contact me will be to email me through corrlinks, the prison system can take months for regular mail.

Personal data

  • Date of birth: 1995-02-07
  • Marital status: single
  • Ethnicity: caucasian
  • Sexual orientation: heterosexual
  • Gender: male
  • Hometown: Manchester, Iowa
  • Profile Active Until: Jan 08, 2024