Derek Martinez F68037
Mailing address

Derek Martinez #F68037
Correctional Training Facility
North B-Yard SA 237up P.O. Box 705
Soledad, CA 93960

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Derek Martinez's Introduction

Hello Beautifully Cruel World. I'm Derek Martinez and I have been unjustly incarcerated for 18 years. Through this time I have learned a lot about myself and the power of forgiveness and finding self- value & self-worthiness. It took awhile and this is my first outreach to a site like this. I look at things differently now, like the intro- life is a pain, embracing the suck though takes the sting out of the negative and allows you to see the beauty around us (even in here). Today, I'm ready to meet someone who enjoys the little things in life, to laugh with, grow with, and find different ways of looking at this path of life. I'm an A.D.A. worker now, which means I help the disabled in prison. I enjoy that and helping others find the positive in themselves and their outlook to life. In here I got my para-legal certificate, created a handball league, learned yoga and Spanish. I love all types of music, from blues to alt-rock, new classical, etc. I enjoy making positive ripple effects in anyway I can these days, taking the phrase "being comfortable doing uncomfortable" to heart. From public speaking to putting myself out there again. Life is too short and valuable to be held back by fear. Please contact me at gettingout.com. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about you and your interests. I've been called an optimist, yet I believe that to change the world its about our choices, so I choose to love myself, others, and those I don't agree with. Corny or what have you but I know it works, lived it, seen it, and now it's your choice.

Personal data

  • Date of birth: 1976-05-26
  • Marital status: divorced
  • Ethnicity: caucasian
  • Sexual orientation: heterosexual
  • Gender: male
  • Hometown: Chico, CA
  • Profile Active Until: Aug 23, 2024