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Heath Anthony Baker's Introduction

Hello, I was born in the Netherlands with a very un-caring mother who let Docs and others put things in her head that I was not going to be a normal child and I would have poor reading skills, writing skills. Which I ended up with borderline retardation. Then they told her I would have some long term medical problems (which I did), but that gave her no right as a mother to put me in a dumpster with a letter with my date of birth and social and she never cam looking for me! My birth last name was Leuo but was changed at the hospital for some reason and a new birth card was issued, but I have talked to the social worker who found me and looked at her records and what name was on with my new name. I had open heart surgery at age 2-1/2 due to a large hole in my heart. I have been in a lot of group homes, boy's ranch, boot camps, foster homes but due to the lies of my social worker just so she could keep me in the system and put more money in her bank. I never had a childhood. I was deprived from it including that loving family a child always wants, I never got and I still want to this day. I was raped by a foster mother at age 12-1/2 and I was forced to have two kids by her and I never got any kind of justice for it. That's why sex is a big trauma issue for me and it seems like that is what's on everyone's minds these days. I have been judged for the way I look and the way I carry myself and I tell them love & beauty is only skin deep and what's in the heart and soul should speak for itself and show how true someone is. I got mixed up with the wrong people, who tried to blame me for a crime I did not do with no DNA just here-say. I am fighting it to this day, but kind of hard to do when a judge is refusing to rule on motion that shows discovered evidence of my actual innocence, and It's been over 8-1/2 years and he still not ruled on any my motion. That's why he is a defendant in my second civil action, since I already won one and done it prose for 1-1/2 by self to they gave my probono attorney who used me and played and forced me to take a pay out so he could get his foot in the door so he could go work for the city. (Barker v. Jordan 318-cv-471-Rgj W-District Court) I love the outdoors due to being a Pagan. Sorry we cannot get photos, you have to get them at the DOC webpage. I love cooking, reading, listening to music, playing video games and doing legal work. And looking for long-term love or a BFF that does not judge, loves talking on the phone, loves emailing and snail mail, and fun to be around and laid back. No drama, no drug head or gang banger, and is very supportive in LGBTQ126 Community loves to travel, between the ages 18-35, loves cats, has a wild side, has a big family, not shy, not afraid to show some skin or do some drag, or someone who not ashamed because they are gay. Don't have AIDS or HEP-C. Willing to help me get back on my feet, loves helping and is country at heart. Yours truly, Ashley N. Baker

Personal data

  • Date of birth: 1984-07-28
  • Marital status: divorced
  • Ethnicity: caucasian
  • Sexual orientation: bisexual
  • Gender: transgender
  • Hometown: Ohio
  • Profile Active Until: Oct 08, 2025