Jakari Wilson V-70100
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Jakari Wilson #V-70100
High Desert State Prison
P.O. Box 3030
Susanville, CA 96127

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Jakari Wilson's Introduction

Okay. So before you continue to read my bio, please stop and google my name. Find out what I’ve been convicted of and how much time I was sentenced to serve. Do it right now. I’ll wait here… ( Jakari Lafayette Wilson ) …if you are not deterred by all that, cool. I’m working on an appeal, so I am not willing to discuss my case at all, but only to say that I am innocent of the charges. Hopefully we don’t even have to address any of this in the future. Alright, so let me lay it out for you: I know that you may have a sort of predetermined idea of what you may be looking for in a man. Maybe you’re looking for a man who’s close to going home, who’s not in jail for a violent crime, who has a cellphone to call you on, who’s in jail/prison in college, taking anger management classes, who’s sort of a model prisoner and all that. I am the “antithesis” of that. I DO NOT participate in prison education and self-help programs. Why? Because those programs are for the benefit of the prison, not for the prisoners. To make the prison look as if they are trying to help us. But in actuality they’re most likely using the program(s) to siphon off money for the benefit of the correctional officers + prison administration. Hardly ever will those classes create enough opportunity to validate their existence. Like I could have a B.A. in 4 things, a G.E.D., and certificates for 5 or 10 self-help classes and its not going to get you significantly closer to being able to go home. (If you are a Lifer) So I don’t participate in the farce. The prison gets more out of those programs than we do. But I read excessively. I study on my own terms. Not to impress the parole board or prison officials, but because I enjoy learning. Usually I read black cultural/political books. But I will read anything if it piques my interest. Currently I’m reading “Battle Cry of Freedom” by James McPherson. About the Civil War. Really interesting, if not really lengthy book. I’m also reading “History of Africa” by Kevin Shillington. Which is a College textbook of African studies. And, I’m working on finishing a James Baldwin novel, “Another Country,” which is pretty dope. So I don’t need the prison to sort of create a framework for my personal growth. I “been” growing. (LOL.) Um. I’m almost always in the hole. The “Shu” as it is called. Why? Hmm… complex question. I have little use for ignorance. And this place seems jam packed with ignorant people. It seems like some men feel it is their “duty,” as a prisoner, to be sure to bring that ignorance to you. As if they are employees of the department of corrections. (Laugh.) Were it not for those types of men, a lot of us would eventually go home. But instead, I have to catch a case and potentially more time behind some nonsense. And I know, you’re like “why don’t you just walk away?” Think about the message that would send. You would have nonstop ignorance coming at you on a daily. I’ll rot in the hole before I do that. Most guys put up with an incredible amount of bullshit. Not me. I get to a prison and usually I’m only there for 2 to 6 months, tops. I have no shame in admitting it. When I get out, “if” I get out, I’ll become “a man of peace.” While I’m here, I am not able. These people won’t let me. Alright, so my goal in posting this ad is sort of multi-layed. I’m not just looking for “one type” of woman. Or one thing in a woman. I’m looking for a woman who’s interested in making a friend. A real friend. I’m not gonna have a “real” vibe. You’re gonna laugh, smile and appreciate my honesty. (I’m brutally honest.) You will be mentally stimulated, hopefully intrigued… you will “love” me. I promise you. Because I love long letters. I want to create a space where you feel safe enough to just speak freely. To vent. To use me as a sounding board. To just write to about any and everything. I want to see your new hairdo, the new polish you put on your nails, the food you just bought. You know? I’m in the pen. I want to live in a world outside of here if I can. In turn, I promise to be a source of light, positive energy and consistent inspiration. And I am a hustler. What’s crazy is, if I had someone in my life who could take some instruction for the purpose of improving their own financial situation, I wouldn’t need for shit. Being 45, I have over the course of my life, acquired this huge pool of knowledge in respect to how to make money (legally.) What do I mean? Well, I can tell you right now, how to get $14,000 legally. Then I can show you how to quadruple that in 2 months. Again, legally. I know you’re like, “This is a scam.” (LOL.) I promise you it’s not. A scam would mean you would have to give me money first. You don’t have to give me nothing. Just do exactly what I say. When you get paid, show me some love. That’s all. And I’ll tell you how to turn the money you have at that point into a lot more money. No games. No con. I do not lie. You’ll see if you get pass that wariness I know you feel now. See. In prison I read. I know a little about money. Then I have so much time to think. I’m able to use that knowledge creatively. The result is some amazing opportunities. All I’m missing is someone who can recognize it. Then, I am a good man. I’m loyal to a fault. I’m not a player, a wannabe pimp. I am very much the proverbial one woman man. My theory is if I am with a woman, it’s because she’s all I want and need. Then, I’m a Lifer. I am realistically not that demanding. I’m just looking for someone who can put light in my heart. Bring a smile to my lips, and set butterflies flying in my stomach at the sight of her. Someone who wants to be appreciated. You know? I want someone who goes to sleep at night thinking of me, and wakes up with me on her mind. Because that’s what I’ll be doing. Race. Look. Im’ma say it. I do not have a type. I don’t care what color your skin is. Race is a social construct. If you want, you can trace your DNA back to Africa even if you’re white. Humans came from Africa and migrated to Europe, West Asia (The Middle East) then all over the world. So we’re all related in some way. I like women. So as long as you are female, I’m open to you (AS I AM HETEROSEXUAL.) I like BBW’s, slim women, short, amazons, etc. etc. I’m more interested in who you are as a person, than the color of your skin or the shape of your body. Looks are not my concern. Not really. I’m a grown ass man. So… I know you have a predetermined idea of who you “thought” you were looking for. But uh… I think it may implore you to see what I’m talking about before you look any further, as it is highly likely I am the “end all” to your wants. (Smile.) Okay, so, a good way to contact me so you don’t have to tough a stamp or envelope, but I can get quality photos and letters from you is like this: Go to your phone. Go into your Gmail. (Like you are going to draft an email to me.) Then just type/text out an email to me. But instead of actually sending it, “screenshot” it. It may take 5 or 6 screenshots to capture your entire email to me. But that’s cool. Then take some selfies of yourself, and go to Yorkphoto.com. Send them an email of the screenshots of your emails to me, and the selfies. When you fill out the order form just list the pictures emailed to me. At my address here. They’ll come as actual photos. It’s super convenient and not labor intensive at all. You can also email me using JPay.com which is faster. But the prison prints it out and just fouls it up. There’s no privacy in it. You can use it for quick messages. Like “This is such and such. I’m sending you an email like you said. Just wanted to let you know.” That’s cool. In the email, put your address in it and name so I can write you back. Okay. I hope I’ve covered it all. Everything I needed to. Please enjoy your day. Take care. Be safe. Sincerely, Mr. Jakari L. Wilson

Personal data

  • Date of birth: 1975-10-30
  • Marital status: divorced
  • Ethnicity: african-american
  • Sexual orientation: heterosexual
  • Gender: male
  • Hometown:
  • Profile Active Until: Nov 24, 2021