Dujuane Myers 470408

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Dujuane Myers's Introduction

Hello, Its a pleasure to have you stop by. My name is Dujuane, and I am from the Atlanta area. I enjoy reading, writing, learning, working out, music, and making new friends. I like to fix things; on the street I am an industrial mechanic but I'm going to try something new, so I am studying for my CDL. Despite my life's ups and downs, I strive to keep a positive attitude and remain optimistic. I go to the transitional center in September, and I am excited its almost here. As this time rapidly comes to a close, I am interested in meeting new people, and making new friends. I am not opposed to a deeper connection but I would prefer a genuine friend above all else. I fully intend to enjoy life and would welcome a great friend to enjoy it with. I am open minded, fun to be around, and loyal to those that are around me. I am a big but gentle giant of a man, at 6'5", 295 lbs.,hazel eyes, and I even have all my teeth too! (smile) I am in search of any and all that are genuine. I am open to sharing my experiences, and opening my heart in friendship to real, fun loving people. If this is you, let me hear from you! I promise you wont regret it because with me, laughter, smiles, and lots of fun are the words of the day! Stay blessed! Your new friend, Dujuane ---- PLEASE NOTE ---- This Facility offers Secure Email through AccessCorrections.com - You can respond to me through regular mail or through this service. I cannot reply via email but will receive your message, so be sure to include your physical mailing address so that I can write you back. Look for me at AccessCorrections.com - Hall County Prison (Not Jail!) - Dujuane Myers 470408 - Secure Mail - and setup an email account.

Personal data

  • Date of birth: 1969-08-18
  • Marital status: single
  • Ethnicity: 0
  • Sexual orientation: heterosexual
  • Gender: male
  • Hometown: Atlanta, GA
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