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Shaston Jiles's Introduction

How yall doing out there ladies? My name is Shaston and I am looking to meet new people for friendship and correspondence. I feel like I have been looking in the wrong places for some. My hobbies are writing music, reading, working out, and eating (LOL), I also have up body tattoos so please don't judge a wonderful book by it's cover. I am a good book to read. To be honest I am looking for a long term relationship and friendship so please ladies don't be scared to send me a letter today, I'm not gonna bite (LOL) and also send an address so we can stay in touch with each other. Thank You!!

Personal data

  • Date of birth: 1996-06-04
  • Marital status: single
  • Ethnicity: african-american
  • Sexual orientation: heterosexual
  • Gender: male
  • Hometown: Houston, TX
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