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William Kellam 500-078
William Kellam

Hello Friend, I'm an outgoing down-to-earth guy with a good sense of humor. I like to mountain bike, fish, hike...

Eligio Huertas 68825-066
Eligio Huertas

"Hello Ladies" - The reason that I am writing this Bio is to meet a nice lady that can fill...

Tracy Black 166408
Tracy Black

Hello there, my name is Tracy. I'm a 50+ year old Christian man from Kansas City, looking for genuine friendship....

Brandon Kulhanek 1004407
Brandon Kulhanek

Iam hoping to connect with someone that has a open mind and is not quick to judge. Someone who wouldn't...

Carl Hunter 148656
Carl Hunter

Hi my name is Hunter, I'm looking for a pen pal to take my mind off all the crap I...

Katherine Saling 262247
Katherine Saling

I’m Katherine. I have been taught in life you get something good only after you’ve been through something bad. I’m...

Zachary Trumble 02245477
Zachary Trumble

Hey World!! Give me a minute of your time to give y'all a good understanding on what type of person...

Sebastian Richardson 08744-035
Sebastian Richardson

Hello! I hope you are doing well physically and spiritually as you read my bio. I also hope that you...

Joseph Walton 65049
Joseph Walton

WARNING!! Writing this inmate may cause frequent smiles and uncontrollable fits of laughter. =) My name is Joe Walton, I'm...

Tequila Marsh 19330-075
Tequila Marsh

Hi there! I am going to be truthful with you. We are all looking for a connection. A similar interest,...

Juan Balles 02141271
Juan Balles

Hey you, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Juan Balles. I'm on this website in search of...

Tyler Conquest 1543388
Tyler Conquest

I'm 21 yrs old looking for some loyal females to correspond with. Hope to hear from you. My interests are...

James Verdream 24270-408
James Verdream

My name is James (Jimmy) Verdream, I'm 53 WM, brown hair, blue eyes, 6'3", 194 lbs. I was born in...

Manuel Lopez 17957273
Manuel Lopez

Hi my name is Manny. I like to meet new people and be friends and get to know each other....

Travion Dorsey 02173426
Travion Dorsey

Hello, My name is Travion but all my friends call me Tra. I’m 20 years old and currently serving a...

Christopher Williams 02028171
Christopher Williams

WAIT, STOOPP!!! Now that I have your attention, I plan on keeping it. I’ve been searching for someone capable of...

Robert McCloud 333325
Robert McCloud

Hello, My name is Robert J. McCloud. I am Native American. I live my culture and love life. Few things...

Anthony Williams R34843
Anthony Williams

Hello, My name is Anthony and I am looking for friends to write me from all cultures. I could only...

Kyle Walker 6564576
Kyle Walker

I spent some time in here. I ready to be a better man. I have certifications and diploma in different...

Luis Mora F-32315
Luis Mora

Hi! I was watching this nice cool movie called “Wicker Park.” No, it’s not no scary movie, yet I have...

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