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Artemio Arroyo C20149
Artemio Arroyo

Hello Lady, good morning. If you're reading my Ad at the moment, I would first of all like to say...

Hakim Williams 150087
Hakim Williams

Thank you for reading my profile. I am a Leo, my favorite color is red. I enjoy working out and...

Joshua Hall 02353493
Joshua Hall

Hi. My name is Joshua. I like physical fitness and enjoy working out. I also enjoy reading, watching movies and...

Chris Johnson 230076
Chris Johnson

Hey world! I'm just looking for a friend. Someone to talk to on a day to day basis. Pretty much,...

Clarence Terry 17A3092
Clarence Terry

What's up? Looking for friends to talk to. I'm coo laid back father of 3. Hit me up...positive vibes and...

Nicholas  Shorb  20435463
Nicholas Shorb

My name is Nick, I’m 20 years old and currently serving a 24 month sentence. I’m a country boy from...

Lavont  Flanders  97156-004
Lavont Flanders

Hi! My name is Lavont and I’m an Innocent Federal prisoner looking to meet intelligent new people for friendship and...

Devon McCollum 02321301
Devon McCollum

Wassuh wassuh, I go by Usain in the world, got it because I was the fastest kid in school. Ima...

Gerald Terry 283701
Gerald Terry

Hello my name is Gerald and I'm currently incarcerated in CT. Due to my circumstances, people who say they are...

Raul  Maldonado  02048318
Raul Maldonado

Hello, If you're reading my profile I’m a strong believer that when two people cross paths it’s for a reason...

Anthony Minor 248127
Anthony Minor

Hi, my name is AJ and I’m 28 years old. I’m on my last 10 months of a 13-year sentence....

Phillip Cortez 01379420
Phillip Cortez

I am a man who is looking for a beautiful hearted woman. Attractive to sweetness and understand the sour of...

Lorenzo Washington 01740373
Lorenzo Washington

Hi. Thanks for noticing and viewing my profile. Do you believe everyone's worthy of compassion? I do, but that doesn't...

Travarus Shead 01864700
Travarus Shead

Howwwdy Now! Hmmm? How can I define myself on short notice, only so much I can express with these few...

David Duran 01195075
David Duran

I am seeking to write only females (no transgenders). I am seeking to write Mexican/Hispanic/Chicanas/Latinas. I love both brown or...

James Williams 02334849
James Williams

Blessin From Heaven - I speak the truth into a woman's brain and travel through her veins to her heart...

Julia Ayers 17500-041
Julia Ayers

Hey. If my photos didn't get your attention I hope my bio does! I am a sweet southern lady from...

Kokayi Ganette 02278205
Kokayi Ganette

Free Worlddd, What's good! Say my name is Kokayi but everybody calls me Kayi Fa short now. Ima start this...

Charles Stalnaker 01973706
Charles Stalnaker

I'm a 43 year old male living in North Houston. I've got college education in the free world. Looking for...

Billy Jovan Saiz 0082934
Billy Jovan Saiz

Hello! my name is Jovan (middle name), but I also go by the vanilla gorilla. Thanks for taking time to...

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