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Warren Miller 195146
Warren Miller

Hello! My name is Warren and I'd like to thank you for taking time to read my profile. A little...

Damion  Thomas 998703
Damion Thomas

Hey world, happy New Year. I'm fresh on this site. Looking to meet friends. I'm a New Orleans Native, but...

Jefferson Jarvis 01658746
Jefferson Jarvis

There comes a point in time where most prisoners develop an irresistible urge to reach out into society and see...

Michael Lamb 25061-111
Michael Lamb

Hey Ladies My name is Michael Anthony Lamb Jr. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area Region Of...

Tywone Brown 700330
Tywone Brown

Hi my name is tywone I’m ready to start a new chapter in life I’m ready to meet a woman...

Alejandro Lira 6802330
Alejandro Lira

Hey Everyone, I'm Alejandro (Alex) I'm 33 from Illinois. I'm on here looking for some new amazing people to have...

John Meili 54284
John Meili

Hello y'all, my name is John. I appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to read my profile. I...

Logan Lawrence 29463078
Logan Lawrence

hey everyone!!!!!!                        my name is Logan Lawrence I'm 33 years old I'm from Amarillo tx...i love to laugh and make...

Romeo Hardin 1102753
Romeo Hardin

My name is Romeo Hardin, I go by Hardin the Paint. I am an author, artist and musician... as an...

Willie Brown Y14625
Willie Brown

"LOOKING FOR LOVE DURING LOCKUP" - Hey everybody, My name is Willie Brown here writing this profile looking for love,...

Fred Ruble 0206962
Fred Ruble

Hello big world! Working on my 41st year of incarceration, I've decided to stretch myself out of my comfort zone...

Robert Hausdorfer 246011
Robert Hausdorfer

Hello, My nam's Robert! So, everyone's always trying to come up with attention grabbing intros, but you already cared enough...

Desmond Coates 215817
Desmond Coates

(Contact me using the Securus App or Hello Ladies! The closer I get to coming home and getting out...

Herbert  Meek 81061
Herbert Meek

Blonde hair blue eyes muscular built 511 athletic build

Daniel Johnson 353705
Daniel Johnson

Hey, I’m looking to for someone to peak my interest, a little intellect & a genuine friend.

Dennis LeBlanc 1177796
Dennis LeBlanc

I've been locked up since I was a kid. The outside world has changed so much . I would just...

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