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Jules Moultrie 1618469
Jules Moultrie

My Name Is Jules I’m 28 years old Straight Black African American .

Ben Davis 152106
Ben Davis

Hi my name is Ben and I am looking to meet new friends from all over the world. My hobbies...

Guy Alexander 01996573
Guy Alexander

As the youngest of four, my story is in the sixties, 10615 Atwell Dr. S.W. part of H-Town. We lived...

Brittany Goodman 00465074
Brittany Goodman

I am 32 years old, 160 pounds, 5'4" and a big personality. I love to make people laugh and have...

Dwayne Kines 02159074
Dwayne Kines

Hello world my name is Dwayne and I'm hoping to meet some new people for friendship and correspondence. I got...

Timothy Bailey 01448822
Timothy Bailey

First and foremost please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Timothy Bailey, I'm 35 years old...

Derek Hawkins 01886787
Derek Hawkins

It was a normal day. I just got off work. I pulled in and got out of the truck. I...

Alexander Breaux 02310776
Alexander Breaux

My name is Alexander Breaux (Alex). I'm currently serving a 35 year sentence for Robbery. (Feel free to look me...

Brian Vincent 68343
Brian Vincent

Hi, my name is Brian Vincent, I have a few months left to serve in prison. I'm looking for friends...

Joshua Ervin 02352104
Joshua Ervin

Hello my name is Joshua Ervin, I am 27 years old And I'm 6' tall. I enjoy outdoor Activities such...

Darrell Loman 02308957
Darrell Loman

Hello, my name is Darrell, I'm 6 ft tall, hazel eyes, a big man with a heart to match. Aside...

David Carter 01686080
David Carter

My name is David Ray and I'm looking to meet new people for friendship and correspondence. It could lead to...

Kimar Fraser 379979
Kimar Fraser

Hi Stranger, what's your name? My name's Kimar, I'm 29 years old and I'm excited to get to know my...

Paul Doyley 13200-104
Paul Doyley

My name is Paul Doyley. I am Jamaican and I live in N.J. I want to meet new friends. Female...

Ricardo Chavez 02244585
Ricardo Chavez

Hello, I am an open-minded person which makes me a good listener. I like having friends who don't care about...

Adam McGuire 01316214
Adam McGuire

Hey World! My name is Adam. And I'm wanting to correspond with positive people who are looking for someone like...

Michael Mernack K82834
Michael Mernack

Hello! My name is Michael. I'm 40 years young I was born 9-5-80 I'm from Rockford, Illinois. I enjoy the...

Dedra Crider 02093287
Dedra Crider

Introduction coming soon!

Nancy Lopez 39840-479
Nancy Lopez

Tell me... What's warm, thick and juicy? You guessed it, my big hugs and warm kisses! I am an affectionate...

Thomas Albea M52628
Thomas Albea

My name is Thomas, I'm 28 years old. I'm here ta meet new people, find real friends, and be a...

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