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Willie Anderson 02094132
Willie Anderson

African American male, 51 years young, 5’9 ½”, 193 lbs., single, no-kids, never married, from Dallas, Tx. About me, deeply...

Troy Strange 01784610
Troy Strange

My name is Troy Strange. I am 33 years old. I am 6’1” and weigh about 175 lbs. I have...

Gary Dale 01512516
Gary Dale

Mail Call, Mail Call! Hi! Is this my new friend? Did I hear you say that you're looking for someone...

Ross Stephenson 128888
Ross Stephenson

Now 41, I was just 18 when I did my crime (which didn't hurt any children). In prison I learned...

Todd Head 02055301
Todd Head

My name is Todd. I am looking to meet people for correspondence and friendship. My hobbies are drawing, reading fantasy/fiction...

Jeremy Brown 1696581
Jeremy Brown

Hello I’m Jeremy from Houston Tx. I’ve come to realize that life is the best teacher. I’m simply seeking friends,...

Diondrae  Parker 1129722
Diondrae Parker

My name is Diondrae. I’m 23 years old. My birthday is in July, so that means I am a cancer....

David Hawkins 02016070
David Hawkins

My name is David Hawkins. I'm a 36 year old God-fearing man. I'm honest and respectful. Everything we see or...

Victor Spivey 01110975
Victor Spivey

Whatever happen to the days, when the simpler things in life held more value Family, friends, most importantly life experiences....

Brandon Winfrey 01934285
Brandon Winfrey

Hi, I'm a 36 year old black male, toffee complexion, I stand five ten and weigh in between 160-170 lbs....

Richard Hardy 896811
Richard Hardy

I am posting this ad for my Friend Rich who would like some female companionship to help him through his...

Hugo Rivero  288807
Hugo Rivero

Hi, I am looking to correspond with people that are outgoing, friendly, and like to laugh. Little bit about me-...

Santiago Hernandez 01950952
Santiago Hernandez

I’m not your ordinary person writing this that’s not in the best situation at the moment. I’m more than what...

Bruce Braggs 1105619
Bruce Braggs

Lonely & seeking your correspondence, will you help me see beyond these walls with your letters & words of encouragement?...

Richard Coleman 01382210
Richard Coleman

Hello, It's a honor and privilege to have you view my site... I'm seeking a friendly pen pal who enjoys...

Joshua Lenard 02232268
Joshua Lenard

Hi, my name is Josh. I enjoy getting mail. I love fishing. Church and family. Ive made some bad choices...

Luis Roldan 145536
Luis Roldan

Hii, My Queen, my name is Luis and I’m looking forward to meet new people for friendship and correspondence. My...

Christopher  Marrugo  02104266
Christopher Marrugo

Hello my name is Chris am looking for some pen pals . Am in here for drugs.. I have 2...

Charles Chinn 120471
Charles Chinn

Hey, my name is Charles Chinn #120471 and I’m a single man looking to find someone to love. I’m looking...

Abel Avalos 02191237
Abel Avalos

My name is Abel Avalos, I am an Aries born April 7th 1985. I’m 6’1” Husky 260 lbs, light skin...

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