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Justin Winfield 02151962
Justin Winfield

Justin Winfield is my cousin and a wonderful person who made some bad choices after serving the country in the...

Guadalupe Hernandez 01740209
Guadalupe Hernandez

Hello world, my name's LUPE and I am on here to Surge my friendship and correspondence, my hobbies in here...

Pedro Valdillez 01309765
Pedro Valdillez

Hola, mi amigos! My name is Pedro but been using "Pete" since the 7th grade, which was way back when......

Kenneth Chambless 02072254
Kenneth Chambless

Hello, my name is “Kenneth.” I have been incarcerated for a few years, and I will be getting released within...

Shannon Richardson 458159
Shannon Richardson

Peace and Blessings! My name is Shannon Richardson and my hope is to connect with a certain special someone. I...

Jimmy Johnson 01909149
Jimmy Johnson

Hello my name is Jimmy, in 1996 I was very immature and got myself in some serious trouble smoking crack...

Al-Penyo Brooks 50330-086
Al-Penyo Brooks

Greetings! My name is Al-Penyo but you can call me Al. I have made mistakes in my life but it...

Justin Willard 1041171
Justin Willard

I've been locked up since I was a kid. The outside world has changed so much . I would just...

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