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Ritchie Hernandez 01339932
Ritchie Hernandez

Hello, My name is Ritchie. I'm looking to meeting New people for friendship. Someone to share some laughs with and...

Rashade Coleman 216716
Rashade Coleman

DO YOU BELIEVE IN SECOND CHANCES? - I sure as hell hope so! (lol) In all seriousness, I fouled up...

Davonte Jones A740942
Davonte Jones

I go by Tayway (tayway or no way). I been down almost 8 years. I come home July 2021. I’m...

Michael  Cantu 37910380
Michael Cantu

Hi, My name is Michael Eric Cantu,I’m 34 years old I’ve been incarcerated for 6 years. Here’s a little about...

Charles Hood 01836696
Charles Hood

Hello! To whomever is reading my invitation to correspondence and friendship. I have been incarcerated for awhile now, and I...

Joshua Zulauf 02299391
Joshua Zulauf

Hi my name is Joshua Zulauf and I am a fun and down to earth guy who would give the...

Hakim Williams 150087
Hakim Williams

Hello, my name is Hakim and I am looking to have a long term friendship. I am looking for a...

Allen Fluitt 02065115
Allen Fluitt

Congratulations! Your search for the best pen-pal EVR is finally over! Don’t worry, it’s my pleasure, you don’t have to...

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