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Curtiss Bartlett  C81190
Curtiss Bartlett

I’m very interested in meeting someone with common interests and could really use a good friend in my life, who...

Job Lopez 17099-059
Job Lopez

Let me properly introduce myself. My name is Job, yes like in the BIble. I'm 185 pounds, 5'8". In shape...

Victor  Marin 19A0230
Victor Marin

Hello. My name is Victor but everyone calls me PITO! In good shape as you could see in the pictures....

Steven Kiona 22635030
Steven Kiona

Steven is currently doing time in Oregon, and is looking for pen pals. He is interested in friendships. If you...

William Mesa 115018
William Mesa

Are you tired of being locked up in your home and the world locking you out due to Covid? Are...

Jerry Neely 02347590
Jerry Neely

Hello! My name is Jerry. I like to play handball and when I'm home I love to go mudding and...

Brian Hearn 01846928
Brian Hearn

Hello, my name is Brian and I'm looking to meet someone for friendship and correspondence. Here's a little about myself....

Tyler Baker 235683
Tyler Baker

Hi!!! My name is Tyler. I just wanted to get on here and see what I could find I mean...

Chris Williams 2089063
Chris Williams

Greeting All! My name is Chris and I'm honored for the opportunity to be welcomed into your life. Although I...

Daniel Gillmore 266084
Daniel Gillmore

Hi everyone! My name is Daniel Gillmore. I am a Virgo born in 1984. I am an American although I...

Samuel "Adam" Chandler 02157827
Samuel "Adam" Chandler

Warning!! Caution!! Dangerous!! Attention: Well I had to think of something to make my ad stick out more than everyone...

Andrew Rincon 02090718
Andrew Rincon

Hello out there! My name is Andrew, before I begin I'd like to thank you for taking the time to...

Marc Byron 01732963
Marc Byron

My name is Marc, I'm 29 years old and I'm looking to meet new people either for love or friendship....

James Mauldin 3557535
James Mauldin

My name is James and I'm here looking to meet new people. About me: I was wrongfully convicted and will...

LaJerrian Morgan 02306101
LaJerrian Morgan

To, whom this may concern, My name is LaJerroan but my family calls me Cassanova. I'm 5'6" 160 lbs, medium...

David Hardy 01445229
David Hardy

My name is David. My nick name and C.B. handle is "The Postman," I have had this nickname since 1985....

Tyler Owers 02313533
Tyler Owers

Hello, my name is Tyler Owers and I am grateful that you are taking the time to read my profile....

Ann Billingsley 02267649
Ann Billingsley

What's up? My name is Ann. I'm looking for a friend. I love making new friends and meeting new people....

Katelyn Brewer 711018
Katelyn Brewer

Hi! My name is Katelyn and I love meeting new people and getting to know them. I have blonde hair...

Andre  Ennis  370915
Andre Ennis

Hello, my name is Andre, as a result of making poor decision and lifestyle choices, I am forever grateful for...

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