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Shannon Richardson 458159
Shannon Richardson

Peace and Blessings! My name is Shannon Richardson and my hope is to connect with a certain special someone. I...

Jimmy Johnson 01909149
Jimmy Johnson

Hello my name is Jimmy, in 1996 I was very immature and got myself in some serious trouble smoking crack...

Al-Penyo Brooks 50330-086
Al-Penyo Brooks

Greetings! My name is Al-Penyo but you can call me Al. I have made mistakes in my life but it...

Julius Williams 02231497
Julius Williams

Reaching out, in hopes of all to reach within; Dealt with tumultuous times and challenges all my life - This...

Rhonda Lee Glover 01355639
Rhonda Lee Glover

SEEKING MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION - I am seeking new friendships to encourage one another, pray for each other and discuss Faith,...

Christian Gallegos 02037803
Christian Gallegos

Hello!! My name is Chris, but my nickname is guapo. It means handsome :) just look at my picture... lol...

Alfredo Gonzalez  2184160
Alfredo Gonzalez

Alfredo Gonzalez is my birth name ! My nickname is CHICO !!! Let me start this introduction by saying I’m...

Joseph Durant 120657
Joseph Durant

ATTENTION: Do you like drinking water?? That’s good cuz that means you already like 70% of me!! (LOL). Twice a...

Noah  Fischman  20346-023
Noah Fischman

Hello! I'm Noah, a 21 year old bisexual federal inmate currently in prison at FCI Englewood in Colorado for a...

Timothy Thomas 405566
Timothy Thomas

Hello. I hope that you're having a great day. Thank you very much for stopping and looking at my profile....

Jose Zamorano 01595920
Jose Zamorano

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jose Zamorano. I decided to join Friends4Prisoners to get away from this place...

Andres, Manuel Garza 02152530
Andres, Manuel Garza

Hello! My name is Andres and I am super excited and ready to meet you! Then venture off through life's...

Bailey Conard 02241762
Bailey Conard

My name is Bailey, I'm from LaGrange, Texas. A little country town between Houston and Austin. I'm 23 years old....

Daniel Buitureira #02325960
Daniel Buitureira

Hey my name is Daniel and if you are looking for a pen pal, LOOK NO FURTHER! I am ready...

David McKinney 577002
David McKinney

Hello, my name is David McKinney. I'm looking for someone beautiful on the inside and outside that shares my interests...

Humberto Emanuel Galvez AX0935
Humberto Emanuel Galvez

Hello, Hola, Ahlan my name is Humberto but my loved ones call me Beto. I'm outgoing and an athletic person....

Ryan Rice Y35265
Ryan Rice

Hello, I'm Ryan from Northern Illinois area. I'm open-minded, witty, goofy, considerate, romantic, and even corny at times. I can...

Rod Black B86195
Rod Black

Tall, Black & Lonely... I'm six foot one and full of fun, and I want to get to know you....

Daniel Murillo 59503-177
Daniel Murillo

Hello my name is Daniel Murillo. I am currently incarcerated, but if all goes well I should be home soon....

Nathaniel Williams 0090540
Nathaniel Williams

I enjoy long walks on the yard & can get lost in the way light from a sunrise from the...

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