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Carl Frank 01497731
Carl Frank

Hi everybody, I hope you are well. My nickname is FRANKO here in Texas prison, but my real name is...

David Subjack 163222
David Subjack

Well hello world! My name is David. I hope you find this at a time of smiles and laughter. Unfortunately...

Charles Killingsworth 01946656
Charles Killingsworth

Since coming to prison I have managed to lose all family and community ties. I am seeking friendship from sincere...

Clifford Craig 00391187
Clifford Craig

Hello World, my name is Craig and I am so grateful that you are taking the time to read my...

Christine David 1969451
Christine David

My name is Christina. I’m 32 years old. I’m looking for a lasting connection. Some of my hobbies are cooking,...

Michael Porter 02215151
Michael Porter

Hey!! What's up!! Im Michael...A.K.A. Mike -D. I'm a Houston Texas native (important) that loves music (all kinds), making money,...

Oiram Ayala AF-7201
Oiram Ayala

How are you? I'm in need of company and assistance, so please show me some love. I'm a very elegant...

Parrish Bennette 18130634
Parrish Bennette

"When nothing is sure, everything is possible." After 11-1/2 years I've done & seen it all in this place and...

Bryan Whillhite 02233402
Bryan Whillhite

Hi my name is Bryan Whillhite I’m 47 years old I would like to make new friends and correspondence. My...

Tyrice Halliburton  128713
Tyrice Halliburton

Looking for someone to vibe with and build a friendship

Phillip (Flow) Pinkney 02147938
Phillip (Flow) Pinkney

What's up with it! My name is Phillip but I'm better known to the world as "Flow." Due to the...

David Warwick 02284962
David Warwick

Hello, Hey, and how are you doing? I'm great and I wanna take these few words I get to tell...

Brandon Henry 01904898
Brandon Henry

Peace, Well my name's Brandon and I'm from Los Angeles but I live in Austin, TX. I got 3 years...

Devin Mottley M17551
Devin Mottley

Hello, my preferred name is Skylar and I'm a pansexual transgender woman. If I had to pick three words to...

William  Smith 13864-029
William Smith

Single Dad looking for a kind hearted woman, cis-female or trans-female, with a wicked sense of humor. I love to...

Kenneth Bokor BR8404
Kenneth Bokor

Hey! Whats up my name is Kenneth and I'm looking to have some exciting conversations with some amazing people. I...

Maria Vicente 44389-112
Maria Vicente

Hola! Como estas? My name is Maria Vicente. I am 41 years young, born and raised in Guatemala. I been...

Timothy Riggins  36063509
Timothy Riggins

Most of my friends and family call me Bugzie. I'm the big 33 this year. I'm a new years eve...

Keith Hamel 20781
Keith Hamel

Hello world, I'm all about Money! I am looking for some new people to talk to, to help me pass...

Robert Leon Roberts 00328150
Robert Leon Roberts

My name is Robert, everybody prefers to call me Pete, Triple O.G. Status. I live by the code of empowerment,...

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