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Michael Chmielewski 25603-017
Michael Chmielewski

Hey, thanks for checking me out! It would be really great to hear from you! I'm constantly looking to widen...

Qashelby Fraziermoore 188255
Qashelby Fraziermoore

Hello, my name is Qashelby but my friends and family know me as Q Mack. I am interested in having...

Mason Heath 1239883
Mason Heath

Hello, my name is Mason. I am 22 years young, energetic, and full of smiles and laughter. I'm looking for...

Marvin Shoffner Kc7487
Marvin Shoffner

Best way to contact me is thru and put my info in. Thanks. Hey my name is Marvin. I...

Daniel Rodriguez 242516
Daniel Rodriguez

My name is Daniel and I made a mistake which has cost me dearly. However, my relentless pursuit of freedom...

James Bray 451407/4307324
James Bray

Dear Friend, Are you tired of the games? of guys lacking honesty, sincerity and respect? Would you like someone you...

Jose Gaya 19152424
Jose Gaya

Hello ladies, how are you all doing? I truly hope all good in the best of health and good spirits....

Shawn Eisenzimmer 01912757
Shawn Eisenzimmer

Hello! Thank you for checking me out! I like building things, reading, watching movies, music, gardening, cooking and painting. I...

Timothy Thomas 405566
Timothy Thomas

Hello. I hope that you're having a great day. Thank you very much for stopping and looking at my profile....

Charles Walker 02191640
Charles Walker

There are 3 things in this life that leave and can never be taken back. These are time, words and...

Matthew Boggs 02111876
Matthew Boggs

Hey! My name is Matthew. I'm 6 foot 6 inches tall, 240 pounds and White mixed with Choctaw Native American....

Iziyah Shirk GDC#945975
Iziyah Shirk

Greetings and Peace: My name is Iziyah Shirk and I would greatly appreciate letters from any women. I am a...

Nicholas Roman 774120
Nicholas Roman

hello, my name is Nicholas Roman, of course nick for short. i am going to be 25 this year, im...

Nicole  Odierno R92096
Nicole Odierno

Hello, my name is Nicole and I know I messed up bad and I’m very sorry for the choices I...

Marc Rosemond 93A1985
Marc Rosemond

HELP WANTED : Pen pal needed. Position available for dependable, mature career woman. No experience required. Just an honest, kind,...

Amanda Kimey 109480
Amanda Kimey

Hi, I'm Amanda. I'm 28 years old and I'm from Boise, Idaho. I'm outgoing and sweet with a fiery streak....

Amber Rose Smith 949143
Amber Rose Smith

Hi! My name is Amber, and I'm looking forward to making new connections. I like to read, write, play or...

Carlos Cuellar 02239135
Carlos Cuellar

My name is nineLos. I'm nearly done with my time here in TDCJ. I am interested in meeting friends while...

Wayne Samuels 21a1756
Wayne Samuels

Thank you for taking the time to read my ad. I hope when your done reading you like me well...

Gary Streeter 21763478
Gary Streeter

Hey, my name is Gary Streeter, but my friends call me Streetz. I am a fun, knowledge seeking soul. I...

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