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Gabriel Crandall 6728291
Gabriel Crandall

Hello My name is Gabriel Crandall. I am looking to find some people to conversate with. My family is really...

Neil De La Rosa 1410953
Neil De La Rosa

Hey, this is Neil and first and foremost I want to thank you for taking the time to check me...

Brian Folsom 119283
Brian Folsom

My name is Brian Folsom I’m 41 years old blonde hair and blue eyes 5’10 and tattooed, I’m looking for...

Derek Palmer 409-41-007
Derek Palmer

Hello, I am an avid animal lover who is looking to connect/vibe with a great friend. My favorite color is...

Michael Mitchell AU6259
Michael Mitchell

Peace! May this intro bring you a sense of tranquility as you read the emotions I spill thru this ink....

Devin Carter 6486064
Devin Carter

Hi! My name is Devin and I'm looking to meet new people to correspond with, I'm also open to meeting...

Eric Canary 02046935
Eric Canary

Hello, For those who take interest in my profile... seeking friends of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, genders and views on...

Shawn Bailey 39491-004
Shawn Bailey

Hey, what's up ladies??? My name is Shawn a.k.a. H.B. I'm looking for a friend, someone I can vibe with...

Ernesto Casavez 20727-081
Ernesto Casavez

Hello and hi my name is Ernesto, but my friends and family call me Nes. I come from a small...

Terry Guelde 52768-074
Terry Guelde

Hello. My name is Terry and I'm looking to meet new people for friendship, correspondence and possibly more. I was...

William Lee 1183052
William Lee

My name is William Lee and currently looking for friendly and casual conversations. Having friends to talk to would certainly...

Matthew Nicholson 02234737
Matthew Nicholson

My name is Matthew. I've been incarcerated for almost 3 years, and I hope to be out by the end...

Derrick McElroy 6698160
Derrick McElroy

What's good Best friend? First and foremost I want to say thank you for taking time out to read this....

Gregory Griggs 01188479
Gregory Griggs

Hi there, my name is "Gregory Griggs," if you're reading my ad its because you're looking for the same thing...

Cleo Allen 1972-2-033
Cleo Allen

Hello, The possibilities are ENDLESS when making new friendships! I hope that my introduction can allow us that opportunity! I...

Joshua Beckford  647478
Joshua Beckford

At a early age I learned the value of life and how you should never let your mistakes or shortcomings...

Guadalupe Garza 02282486
Guadalupe Garza

Hey what's up? Well I'll start off by saying I hope who is reading this, you're doing good and I...

Christopher Smith 02239622
Christopher Smith

Hi! My name is Chris and I’m looking to meet new people for friends and correspondence. I’m a laid-back easy...

Donna Hockman 1406120
Donna Hockman

Hello! I am Donna and thank you for taking a few minutes to read about me! I love the outdoors;...

Pedro Perez 2066075
Pedro Perez

I’m a member of a new art ministry called “Fresh Start Ministry T.X.” Looking for someone understanding, down to earth,...

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