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William Lee 1183052
William Lee

My name is William Lee and currently looking for friendly and casual conversations. Having friends to talk to would certainly...

Derek Palmer 409-41-007
Derek Palmer

Hello, I am an avid animal lover who is looking to connect/vibe with a great friend. My favorite color is...

Loring Walker 748138
Loring Walker

Hey! How are you? First and foremost friends and family call me "L". I'm hoping to meet someone unique that...

Matthew Nicholson 02234737
Matthew Nicholson

My name is Matthew. I've been incarcerated for almost 3 years, and I hope to be out by the end...

Christe Hernandez 02164938
Christe Hernandez

"Hi" my name is Chris and I'm really looking forward to surrounding myself with some good positive people for friendship...

Rhonda Lee Glover 01355639
Rhonda Lee Glover

This is a trying time for the incarcerated as we have been on lockdown since April. I am seeking new...

Brandon Harris 19983564
Brandon Harris

I started getting locked up at the age of 13 and for the longest time I thought that all I...

Austin Denton 02144322
Austin Denton

Hello, My name is Austin Denton. I'm 28 years old with brown hair, hazel eyes, with a golden smile. I'm...

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