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Angela Eisenzimmer 27724-509
Angela Eisenzimmer

Hey there!! This is a first for me , posting on a site ... as well as being incarcerated in...

Trina  Dormier 01136707
Trina Dormier

hi, my name is Trina. Even though I'm in one of the hardest situations of my life right now, I'm...

Arthur Sims AS6679
Arthur Sims

*** eMessaging available through the GettingOut App, *** - Greetings! My name is Arthur Sims, I'm 42 yrs young,...

Richard Tellez 02211224
Richard Tellez

First off, thank you for your time and consideration. That is on my behalf and every other person seeking a...

Damion Seats 6476567
Damion Seats

Hello there, thank you for viewing my page and taking the time to get to know me some. I'm a...

Gary Titus 0804930
Gary Titus

They say everybody needs a somebody. I'm hoping there's still a somebody out there for me. If not, I'd like...

Kurt Kapperman 02317706
Kurt Kapperman

My name is Kurt Kapperman. I am 32 years old from Houston, TX. I am positive and motivated despite my...

Alvin Marshall 1482043
Alvin Marshall

If you are interested in talking to me then contact me.

Eddie Crumble 760502
Eddie Crumble

What's up, my name is Eddie. I have been incarcerated since 2006. I'm a Christian with Christian values. I'm a...

Lisa Betz W71269
Lisa Betz

Hello, my name is Lisa and I am at Lowell Work Camp in Ocala, Florida. I am looking for anyone...

Michael Lamb 25061-111
Michael Lamb

Hey Ladies My name is Michael Anthony Lamb Jr. I grew up in the San Francisco B.ay Area Region Of...

Dailyn Glover AF-1918
Dailyn Glover

Hello, My name is Dailyn and I am so grateful that you are taking sometime out of your day to...

Lorenzo Richardson Jr. 01236095
Lorenzo Richardson Jr.

Hello! This is Lorenzo coming at you gratefully thanking you for reading my profile. I enjoy reading, writing, sports, movies...

Kelsey Beckett 12437-029
Kelsey Beckett

Hello world, My name is Kelsey but I go by Ace. I'm 28 years old. In my free-time I like...

Eddie Mills 13251-040
Eddie Mills

Hello everybody, My name is Eddie and I was born and raised in Gary, IN. I enjoy reading, writing, working...

Devante Sims 02101525
Devante Sims

To be honest, I've never done this type of thing before, but I'd have high hopes of meeting someone who's...

Marquise Daniels 464522
Marquise Daniels

My name is Marquise Daniels, I am a Colorado native born and raised in Denver. I believe "heath is weather"...

Edwin Minear Y54493
Edwin Minear

Hi!! Im lookin for a nice sweet girl to write me n take my calls. I need someone to talk...

Travarus Shead 01864700
Travarus Shead

Howwwdy Now! Hmmm? How can I define myself on short notice, only so much I can express with these few...

Gabriel Sanchez 01534255
Gabriel Sanchez

I really hope you don't mind me dragging you away from your world for a minute and sitting you down...

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