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Ronald Weaver 35730019
Ronald Weaver

Hi, My name is Ronnie and I'm seeking to meet new people for friendship and correspondence via, snail mail initially...

James Andrews 17834
James Andrews

Greetings, I'm a go getter and I am looking for someone similar. I write and publish regularly: poetry, fiction, nonfiction....

Ryan Magby 02246878
Ryan Magby

Hi, my name is Ryan and I am looking to meet someone to talk to during my time in here,...

Camari Stinson 14181-027
Camari Stinson

I'm 5'7" Brown eyes 34 years old looking for a real woman that doesn't play games a woman that say...

De'Andre Ayers 1191087
De'Andre Ayers

Hey, and may I say thank you to those of you that may take the time to read my profile....

Clay Turner T-03271
Clay Turner

Hi, I am Clay Turner, a 44-year-old, who is still pretty young at heart. I am mixed, (Black / White),...

Dustin Casey McClure 02309997
Dustin Casey McClure

How are you? My name is Dustin McClure and I'm seeking meaningful conversation and connection. My hobbies include fitness and...

Charles Nealy 209732
Charles Nealy

Hello, Maybe... I should have started differently, but for some strange reason this felt right. My name is Charles and...

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