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Jamil Howard T43569
Jamil Howard

I'm looking to meet someone who's not afraid to be their self. Who's willing to express their thoughts and feelings....

Roger Mullins Jr. 02149226
Roger Mullins Jr.

Hi, My name is Roger Mullins. I am 38 years, I am 5 Foot 200 Pounds, Brown hair and Brown...

Gary Streeter 21763478
Gary Streeter

Hey, my name is Gary Streeter, but my friends call me Streetz. I am a fun, knowledge seeking soul. I...

Adam Pitman 6293531
Adam Pitman

I am a lonely man trying to fill a social void created by my absence from the free world. If...

Tahj Ward 262216
Tahj Ward

Hey ladies, I'm a very humble and ambitious guy who loves to laugh. I bet I can make you smile!...

Jose Winslett 02058826
Jose Winslett

About Me: You know my name, but since I was 8 I’ve gone by Joe. I’m not a perfect person,...

Jeremiah Manning 410882
Jeremiah Manning

Dear reader, Have you ever had a moment in life wishing for a true friend; someone you could talk with...

Josh Houk 02224869
Josh Houk

Hi, My name is Josh. I'm a simple, outgoing guy with a good sense of humor. I like scary movies,...

Bert Bautista 02309119
Bert Bautista

Hello, My name is Bert Bautista, I'm 35 years of age. I enjoy drawing, tattooing, and I'm looking for someone...

Tarneshia Harris 1055658
Tarneshia Harris

Hi there, I’m Tarneshia. I’m a beautiful Dominican and half African American young woman that’s looking for stimulating conversation. I’m...

Greg McCullough 785150
Greg McCullough

Greetings, I am a person that loves to laugh and see others laugh as well. I really enjoy reading, painting,...

Austin Denton 02144322
Austin Denton

Hello, My name is Austin Denton. I'm 28 years old with brown hair, hazel eyes, with a golden smile. I'm...

Larry Smalls 1037950
Larry Smalls

Hello new friend, I opened this chapter in my life to you in great faith, that you just joined my...

Antonio Mixon 227202
Antonio Mixon

Hello! My name is Antonio Mixon. I'm 43 years old and will be turning 44 on the 25th of this...

Michael Solis 02267375
Michael Solis

My name is Mike and I would like to meet someone. Accepting all those willing to take the time to...

Dustin Casey McClure 02309997
Dustin Casey McClure

How are you? My name is Dustin McClure and I'm seeking meaningful conversation and connection. My hobbies include fitness and...

Gemayel Peacock M21585
Gemayel Peacock

Greetings, I've joined Friends4Prisoners with hopes of finding someone willing to share a long term friendship. This is no place...

Darrell Alexander 01292488
Darrell Alexander

JUDGEMENTS ARE NOT WELCOME - If u want to know anything about me other than what I have written. Then...

Marc Byron 01732963
Marc Byron

My name is Marc, I'm 29 years old and I'm looking to meet new people either for love or friendship....

Charles Morales 50175509
Charles Morales

My name is Charles Morales, thanks for taking the time out of your day to look at my profile. I’m...

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