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Isaiah Sweet 6859998
Isaiah Sweet

Hey, my name is Isaiah. I'm looking for people to have a positive connection with and build lasting friendships. I...

Robert Williams Jr. 02186624
Robert Williams Jr.

Hey, I'm Robert & I spend most of my days working out & reading books about facts & knowledge. I'm...

Richard  Garza 143865
Richard Garza

Hello, my name is Richard Garza, currently incarcerated in Idaho. I’m seeking friendship for the time being and after. If...

Justin Larson 118173
Justin Larson

Hello my name is Justin, I have no idea what to say, so here we go! Little bit about me,...

Tracy Dugger 48692-074
Tracy Dugger

This is my friend, Tracy Dugger. He is in federal prison for at least 5-7 more years. He loves to...

Vincent Rosa 07A1936
Vincent Rosa

Hello butterflies, It’s me caterpillar. Head to the sky admiring the sunshine and rain drops that frame and inevitably mesmerize...

Shauna Thomas 55003-048
Shauna Thomas

Hi! I'm Shauna! A 31 year old Texas native. I am fun, outgoing, spontaneous. I love to travel and go...

Cameron Fanning 18222-273
Cameron Fanning

Friendly whitest native youll ever meet.. Straight hood nigga tho, dont let the light colored eyes fool you. Nah but...

Jason Kushmaul 08658040
Jason Kushmaul

Hello, My name is Jason This is my 3rd time in prison in 27 years I am making this my...

James Tanner 29119-078
James Tanner

Doing time.

Reginald Smith 71908-066
Reginald Smith

What's up everybody? My name is Regg. I'm hoping that you send me a message so we can get to...

Jesus Salinas 01128821
Jesus Salinas

Hello Friend, It is undeniable, good friends do exist. Due to not exercising proper discernment, we have all experienced pain...

Michael Bell 16370-064
Michael Bell

Welcome 2 change with an opportunity to be successful in it! My name is Michael, and I would like to...

Roberto  Pillado 343211
Roberto Pillado

Born and raised in Arizona. Got it got myself into some trouble, but we all learn from our mistakes. Interested...

Alvin Marshall 1482043
Alvin Marshall

Talking to people can sometimes be something to look forward to, so if you are interested in talking to me...

Jaleel B. Franklin 02129734
Jaleel B. Franklin

Hi, I'm looking for a good friend, someone I can correspond with from time to time. Someone who can have...

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