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Lisa Betz W71269
Lisa Betz

Hello, my name is Lisa and I am at Lowell Work Camp in Ocala, Florida. I am looking for anyone...

Perez Jones 1372542
Perez Jones

Real As It Get

Vincente  Morales 1935381
Fajon Green BU0908
Fajon Green

Im Looking for somebody to vibe and bond with fr somebody I can share some laughs with ' I'm a...

William Shannon A773000
William Shannon

Hi my name is William, I am 34 single with no kids, looking for friends to talk to. I am...

Korey Warden 12237186
Korey Warden

Hello my name is Korey Warden and I am so grateful that you are taking the time to read my...

Dailyn Glover AF-1918
Dailyn Glover

Hello, My name is Dailyn and I am so grateful that you are taking sometime out of your day to...

Lorenzo Richardson Jr. 01236095
Lorenzo Richardson Jr.

Hello! This is Lorenzo coming at you gratefully thanking you for reading my profile. I enjoy reading, writing, sports, movies...

Kelsey Beckett 12437-029
Kelsey Beckett

Hello world, My name is Kelsey but I go by Ace. I'm 28 years old. In my free-time I like...

Marquise Daniels 464522
Marquise Daniels

My name is Marquise Daniels, I am a Colorado native born and raised in Denver. I believe "heath is weather"...

Kevin  Adams  02384421
Kevin Adams

My name is Kevin Adams my friends call me K-Rock. I am single and at the moment and .incarcerated ....

Faustino Rodriguez  Y11387
Faustino Rodriguez

Faustino “danny” is looking for casual conversations and friendships. He grew up on the chicago landarea, once released he plans...

Travarus Shead 01864700
Travarus Shead

Howwwdy Now! Hmmm? How can I define myself on short notice, only so much I can express with these few...

Chad Johnson 106585
Chad Johnson

Hello, my name is Chad Johnson. I'm 31 years of age and looking to meet new people to converse with...

Gabriel Sanchez 01534255
Gabriel Sanchez

I really hope you don't mind me dragging you away from your world for a minute and sitting you down...

Michael Cardenas 02372348
Michael Cardenas

I'm a young 32 year old life loving, Hip Hop and R&B dancing, animal loving, motivated to accomplish as many...

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